About us here at CPI:

Colorado Premier Insulation LLC also known as "CPI", is a new company that brings state-of-the-art technology to the local and state-wide insulation scene. CPI has brought together a number of distinguished names in the industry to deploy the latest equipment and installation techniques to put your home or business structure "between you and the weather".

The ownership and leadership team has some 60+ years of combined experience on construction projects ranging from single-family homes to multi-unit projects, to commercial projects covering 100,000 square feet or more.  By effectively stocking, pricing, estimating, installing, and warranting the latest and most innovative insulation products and methods, CPI can meet all your insulation needs including Fiberglass Batt, blown-in Cellulose or Fiberglass and spray foam products.

Contact us to learn how we can provide fast, cost-saving, and reliable solutions to all your insulation and re-installation requirements. 

Darren Seutter-Sales



Daren Teller-Production